December 24 solstice astrology

Though by the fourth century A. Now, we seem to celebrate a bit of a combination of both. However, in ancient Rome and astrologically speaking, Saturn technically is the reason for the season.

The Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp

Winter begins as the Sun moves into the Saturn-ruled, tropical zodiac sign Capricorn. In this way, understanding the archetypal energy of Saturn and Capricorn can help us move into the winter season with more grace and ease.


As the last planet visible with the naked eye, Saturn rules the aspects of the Earthly domain that feel predictable, steady, and ground us in reality. It connects us to slowness and the wisdom that comes with time. Like all planets and signs, Saturn and Capricorn have both positive and negative and reveal themselves differently in different people.

In an elevated expression, Saturn sets clear boundaries, commits readily to people and projects, and works hard. Though in its detrimental expression can be overly rigid, judgmental, or cold like the season itself. Saturn in our natal astrology chart can give us clues about aspects of our legacy and life purpose while directing us to what we are truly committed to.

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Additionally, those with strong Saturn or Capricorn in their natal chart may recognize the patterns of the season in themselves more so than others. Behaviors of Saturn pull us into hibernation or isolation though often in service of maturity or grounding. Though Saturn is a dense planet and reminds us of the heaviness and depression that sometimes comes with this season as well.

Other suggestions for cozying up with Saturn this winter season:. However you choose to celebrate this Season of Saturn, may it be filled with warmth and internal light on the darkest night. Holiday special with the author! Other influences include C.

December Full Moon meaning: What does the Full Cold Moon mean for YOU?

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December 24th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 1

Last Name. Special Announcements Only. Wanderlust Events. Yoga apparel and products. Happy Solstice. Today the sun conjoins Saturn, the lord of karma, at zero degrees of Capricorn, making things feel heavy. However, I encourage you to conjure the light within. Focus on mindfulness, presence, and intention.

Practice long, slow, and steady yoga poses.

Horoscope for winter solstice and the new moon | Well+Good

Set an altar, light a candle, and say a prayer. Experimenting with essential oils, particularly citrus blends, keeps things buoyant too. Mercury, the planet that rules communication, stations direct today, ending its retrograde cycle. Since December 3, this tiny but mighty planet traveled in an awkward part of his elliptical pattern, creating the illusion that he moved backward. Famously known as a trickster, Mercury in retrograde can wreak havoc on your plans, technology, and best intentions when it comes to your relationships.

This particular Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius asked you to review actions taken over the last three years while Saturn traversed Sagittarius. What have you learned? Journal your gratitude, savor the good, and digest the lessons. Look back, what has become crystal-clear to you? Own it. With the holiday season in full roar, take time to nourish your relationships. Spend time with those you love appreciating art, music, and movies. May time expand so you can appreciate the beauty you spent the last year of your life cultivating. Continue to track how you feel—post-new moon, Saturn changing signs, and Mercury stationing direct.

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High-performance lifestyles require free time, downtime, and recovery. With the moon traveling in sensitive Pisces for another day, turn up the volume on the tunes and dance your way into Sunday. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, honor the sacred and the holy, spend time with those you love, especially the children in your life.

Allow the weekend to nurture and nourish you.

Have fun, and simultaneously, honor limits and avoid recklessness. As the holiday season gets in full swing, you may feel like bursting into song— RockStar Shaman Alyson Charles says go for it! Another way to celebrate? Throw a party, like a French girl.