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Overall, I couldn't have been more satisfied than this.

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I definitely look forward to further consultations as I dig deeper into my astrological studies. He was also super nice to me, a non english speaker. So that's a plus. Patrick is a talented, intuitive, compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable astrologer.

Patrick was professional, funny, and sensitive to the topics of our discussion. Very accurate description of my past and my future goals, fascinating discussion overall. He gives you a great perspective on your life and how it unravels by pinpointing period in your past that will echo through today and tomorrow! Fantastic reading.

Having a rectification chart done with Patrick availed me the opportunity to connect deeply with the aspects of my chart. His ability to discern multiple levels of information and layer them within the context of the the individual is amazing. I have never resonated with my astrology chart as much as I do now. I have great confidence in the result of his work on my chart as it speaks to the events in my life and who I am.


So much makes sense now. But with a name like bigfatastro, I just had to check it out. So I watched the first video I thought, finally an astrologer with a practical approach, who really knows their stuff, and he has a personality too! I was hooked - watched the videos, read the blog; all of which I found all to be super interesting and in my opinion pretty funny.

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I soaked up all the info that he had to offer, and as I started learning more about the techniques he uses, I thought more about possibly getting a reading. Patrick Watson is exceptional! I walked away from our session with a better sense of who I am as well as my direction in life. Learn More. Name your Child. Crystals,Gemstones,Myth and Magic. Energy comes into the Mouth and Nose of your house. Astrology Charts and Articles.

Libra in Astrology

A sudden development in your emotional world could give you plenty to consider and encourage you to take swift action in response. Try to show some restraint for the time being. What comes to light shortly could shine a very new light on a situation you believe to be cut and dried. You could find yourself changing your mind in a helpful way by letting a bit more time pass.

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