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Los Angeles astrologer Maya White has twenty-five years of experience helping people to discover how their personal astrology according to their birth date, time, and location affects where they travel, live, work, relationships, health, etc. Maya provides a variety of astrological services that help people in search of guidance, direction, or timing with life situations.

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Maya resides in Los Angeles, California and serves people around the globe with her skill as an astrologer and intuitive guide. It is said that fifty percent of people see a link between astrological events and personal life. Physicians say that during a full moon the emergency room sees chaos and an increase of births occur.

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Why would this not be true, as we know that the moon affects the tide of the ocean? Planets and heavenly bodies have energy that effects people.


Certain astrological events trigger patterns and instincts within us. Following monthly horoscopes from Los Angeles astrologer, Maya White can help you gain insight into which days and months will provide a greater opportunity for success.

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Maya offers monthly horoscopes on her website. Maya provides a fifty-five minute ACG reading that provides her clients with a personalized map that shows their best places to find love, prosperity, health, and success. Where you are on your birthday impacts the whole year that follows.


Stephanie can run your solar return chart for your upcoming birthday and let you know where you need to be for optimal success, health, wealth or love! All copies sold through our gift shop can be personally inscribed. More than a list of terms, each entry gives you an example of how it applies to your chart.

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Los Angeles moves to ban astrology

The last time you did a reading for me March of you saw a big move written all over my stars. You were right!

You and I talked about NY, but apparently it was even further east Read More She had been terribly abused. As a result, other than the deep bond that Emma has with me, she is extremely fearful of all other people. Through an unfortunate chain of events, Read More She is clearly well-versed in her discipline, and has many years of experience.

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How many years she has been doing readings, i have no clue, but her ease with translating very complex topics into user-friendly terms for the non-astrologically-minded people is greatly appreciated. Your presentation was wonderful, inspiring, and thought- provoking. I am always amazed and gratified with your accurate, consistent predictions, expressed in a wonderfully warm, humorous, and compassionate fashion. Since Pluto entered my house of relationships three years ago, you have been my confidant and cheerleader, guiding me through the wild world of my shadow's slash and burn routine. Instead of calling it quits, Read More A phenomenal and tremendous boost to understanding how to grapple with the past, present and future phases.

What talent you have -- what skill, grace, and such common sense!