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The job had been nightmarish almost from the start, and part of me was relieved that it was over. But I would have preferred to make the decision myself instead of being shown the door by a blustering manager. A few years later, I made an unfortunate decision to get married on a Thursday on the 12th of the month. Perhaps because we knew in our hearts that this union had slim odds of success, my beau and I slipped out of town and were married by a justice of the peace, without family or friends present or even aware of our plans.

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We spent our first night as husband and wife in a quaint inn not far from the courthouse where we said our vows. The next day we drove to a nearby beach town and stopped at a small, two-story motel a few blocks from the ocean. His voice was deep and hollowed-out, stripped of any warmth. If he expected to win me over with this revelation, he failed. Instead, I felt an un-nuptial mix of distaste and dejection. Even so, I was unwilling to let the matter drop. With the same sense of passive inevitability that had propelled me to the courthouse the day before, I shrugged and let my husband sign the register and take the key to Room My husband closed the door and reached not for me, his newly minted bride, but for his copy of The Bill James Baseball Abstract.

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He was a fantasy baseball fanatic, and his top priority on Day Two of our married life was putting together his team. His preoccupation left me free to observe the dark karma of Friday the 13th and Room 13 settling over me. Late that night, as my husband slumbered, I crept outside of Room 13 and sat, fully dressed, on the concrete stairs leading down to the motel courtyard, with my head against the metal handrail and my hands hugging my elbows. I knew that, no matter how different we might otherwise be, the desk clerk and I would one day have these things in common: We would both have spent our honeymoon in Room 13, and we would both be divorced.

Given my history, it is perhaps no wonder that I greeted the first day of with apprehension. What if I were facing an entire year of bad luck? Now, halfway through the year, I can report that — if only from the perspective of minor but nagging orthopedic issues — has more than met my expectations.

The year was less than two weeks old when I developed a pain in my right heel while jogging. After ignoring it for a month, I visited an orthopedist, who diagnosed a bone spur and ordered two weeks of physical therapy. When I saw him in March for a re-check and mentioned that my right shoulder hurt, he diagnosed tendinitis and ordered another two weeks of physical therapy. In a comic twist of fate, just two days after the doctor cleared me following my second round of physical therapy, I tripped on the sidewalk one block from my apartment, slammed into a metal sidewalk planter and fractured my wrist.

This mishap occurred on the first nice spring afternoon of the year, as I was walking home with a bounce in my step and an unusually buoyant feeling in my heart. It was a Friday, by the way, and although it was not Friday the 13th, I later realized with a small shock that the individual numbers in the April 5, date added up to I rest my case.

I have reminded myself many times that it could have been much worse; I was in a cast for just four weeks and have since completed — what else? From a physical fitness perspective, I should soon be ready to pick up where I left off in January.

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I am considering staying home with a book and a supply of Ace bandages on those days, if not the entire remainder of the year. In any case, would it be wrong to ask you to wish me good luck? And if you have any lucky pennies to spare, please feel free to send them my way.

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Here is wishing you well for the remaining year. For me I take the other side on this one. That is one of my favorite numbers. It was my baseball number. It is going to be on my license plate and it was my job in the Army one-three-fox so I haven't thought about it having anything to do with luck it seemed like it was always assigned to me in some way, but in the year your have had I wish you well for the remainder of the year and on those certain days.

Oh, Susan Hooper, how you've made me smile and, forgive the cliche', laugh out loud! I appreciate your willingness to really lay your life out on the line, or rather, a sidewalk in Harrisburg. And how many people will admit, so poignantly, that they knew 24 hours into the marriage that they had made a mistake?

Took me 18 years to figure that out. So bravo for you. I've been waiting for this particular year, and my birthday in it, for quite some time. My birthdate is December 13, and, as you have noted, it occurs on a Friday this year. And if you take the two unused numbers from the first set of 3 and the final set of 4 and add them together It is funny. I am not superstitious in any way but I have to say that I have taken to leaving my alarm clock off as it happens when I am not thinking about it when I glance at my clock in my bedroom in the am it is for example , in the middle of the night when I wake up for a bathroom vist and glance at the clock it is This happens all the time to me, it seems that the number 13 shadows me?

I also experience frequently black cats running in front of my car and sitting on my doorstep when I come home from work?

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Is this just coincendence? I wonder? Susan Hooper , a freelance writer, is a former newspaper reporter and government press secretary. He then pulled off her jeans and underwear and raped her again, falling asleep after he was finished. The following morning he ordered a taxi for her and again told her not to tell anyone what had happened.

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The court heard that the victim was in her final year in secondary school at the time of the offences. Gda Lang agreed with Michael Delaney SC, defending, that O'Mara is now married and has two children, but has no contact with one child. Mr Delaney said that his client had a stent implanted in his heart in and that he requires regular monitoring.

O'Mara has no previous convictions. Ms Justice Burns said the case was aggravated by the extreme seriousness of the offences, the young age of the victim at the time, that the accused was a mature man at the time, there being two separate rapes and that the victim was effectively trapped in the house.

She said she took into consideration his lack of previous convictions and his being the father of a young child.

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