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Uranus begins its retrograde in your sign on this day, which might find you more irritable than usual or in a risk-taking mood. Take it easy on the coffee or other things or people that get you jittery as Uranus changes directions. A warm, cozy atmosphere descends as the sun and Venus meet in Leo on August 14, finding you reconnecting with your sense of home.

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However, career is also on your mind mid-month: The full moon in Aquarius lands on August 15, bringing a climax to a situation or project brewing at work or in your public life. This is an exciting time to stand in the spotlight, but you might also learn how lonely it can be at the top.

Unexpected news arrives on August 16, bringing you a new perspective, a eureka moment, or a surprising change of mind as Mercury clashes with Uranus. Virgo season starts on August 23, but you feel the atmosphere shift early as Mars and Venus enter Virgo on August 18 and 21, respectively. Virgo season is a fun and flirtatious time of year for you, and Mars in Virgo finds you eager to create, and gives you plenty of energy to attend all the celebrations you're being invited to!

Venus in Virgo brings blessings to your love life and encourages creative juices to flow. A wonderful opportunity to talk about your emotions and share big ideas arrives as Mercury connects with Jupiter on August Venus and Mars meet on August 24, starting a new cycle in in your creative expression and romantic life—cute! This will be such a fun season for you, my bovine bud.

The hope is to break free from old ways of doing things, especially regarding your possessions, money, and business.

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There can be excitement revolving around these matters, or for some, a change in financial position or attitudes towards money. You are challenged to think outside of the box for devising viable plans to improve your finances, or you may be seeking alternative sources of income. You may need or want to rid yourself of excess baggage.

There is a need to be free from certain attachments during this seven-year cycle. It can be a time of freelance work or varied sources of income. In March, you have a lot of inner work to do, and you have plenty of cosmic support for doing so. In fact, this can be a month of significant emotional breakthroughs. If you have resisted taking time for reflection or dealing with the past, the New Moon on the 6th will prompt you to take charge.

You find it easier to pick and choose your activities to your benefit. Lovely connections between your money and career sectors can produce nice opportunities to prioritize and to make what you deserve. You seem to be naturally drawn to those ventures and activities that will serve you best.

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You see the importance of strategy and patience with your practical affairs this month. The Sun enters your sign on the 20th, kicking off a month-long cycle in which personal influence is strong and personal plans are on the front burner. Whatever comes to light now is tied into brave new beginnings next month. Your desires can feel overwhelming right now, but equally challenging to fulfill. You might choose to roll with the emotional excitement by keeping your expectations in check and enjoying a little competitiveness with others since frustrations now can help fuel motivation to do better.

Venus heads into your privacy sector on the 26th, encouraging you to go within, and then Mars moves into your communications sector on the 31st, enlivening your interest in connecting. These are different influences, but you can manage both well with some creativity. In fact, the last week of the month can find you dealing with tying up loose ends as well as putting a lot of muscle into securing your future.

March Monthly Horoscope Summary for Taurus: This is a strong month for your social life, dear Taurus, even if there are some complications involved. Relationships, in general, are in focus, and for the most part, people are helpful and supportive of you. There are many opportunities for good conversations in March, particularly about past matters, resolving problems, and forgiveness.

There are also treasures to be found in old projects, studies, and interests. Past friendships might be revisited while Mercury is retrograde from the Rethinking some details of recent plans can work to your benefit in the long run. While in many ways March is an important month for taking care of unfinished business, Mars and Uranus in your sign suggest a real need for change, action, and dynamism.

Uranus moves into your sign on the 6th and will visit Taurus until This transit can rile you up, and you may be itching to make some changes, possibly even radical ones. Courage strengthens or builds. Old methods and habits may need to go! You no longer tolerate certain restrictive circumstances. This transit has a lot of time to evolve seven years! Changes are also highly likely in your home, career, and partnerships, as well. Under this Uranus transit, conditions in your life that have been stifling or confining become hard to tolerate.

There may be unexpected events that free you from confining situations. Uranus is your career sector ruler, and this can mean big changes related to a job for many of you. The New Moon on the 6th brings new energy to friendships and long-term goals. From the 28th forward, you will benefit from working on clearing up any problems that have cropped up with friends. Venus helps with this task! In fact, lovely Venus heads into your social sector just two days before Mercury finishes its retrograde in the same sector, ready to help smooth everything over. This is a time for feeling personally hopeful, emotionally satisfied, and socially popular.

Friendships might be renewed or revitalized. Watch on the 20th for impulsive moves.

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You may be finding it hard to get what you want without causing a big stir. Someone may be wanting a refined approach from you and can misinterpret your passion as impatience or insensitivity. Otherwise, the month offers plenty of opportunities to you as Mars in your sign plays well with others. You can be a little more assertive than usual in productive ways. You instinctively gravitate towards situations and people that help you grow, improve, learn, and expand your perspective.

Having a plan always makes you feel good, and one is likely to form this month, or a recently-devised plan comes into stronger focus. Projects related to publishing, education, travel, and non-routine activities can benefit. Your powers to lead, influence, and support others are stronger than usual. Activities or studies advance and satisfy you.

Your stamina stands out. March Monthly Horoscope Summary for Gemini: March is good for exploring new approaches in your career, dear Gemini. In fact, this is a period for looking at what worked for you in the past and making useful edits and refinements. From the 20th through to the end of the month, your social life comes into stronger focus. Love requires emotional space and acceptance, and some of you could find love through or with friends and groups. Profound inner changes are brewing this month as Mars and then Uranus transit house twelve in your solar chart, working behind the scenes.

The desire to rid yourself of certain unpleasant elements of the past is strong. In the coming years, some skeletons in your closet will be revealed and dealt with so that you can move forward, grow, improve, and explore! You received a taste of this energy last year, and now Uranus is sticking around consistently. Things may come to light that help you let go of negative attachments that have been keeping you from growing and thriving. Holding on tightly to your things and ideas may be about your fear of changes taking place in your social life. Watch for impulsiveness now, but do consider ways to move upwards and onwards.

Your dreaming world is vivid and intuition exceptionally active this month. Listen to your inner voice! March can be a month of some ups and downs regarding career and reputation matters, but also definite improvements to these things, or at least foreseeable ones. You may need to return to an old project or redo and refine something that you thought was complete. There could be a need to go back to the same old conversations or problems.

Past projects or goals may deserve, or require, a second look. The Sun heads into your solar eleventh house on the 20th, changing up the themes of March a little, and bringing new energy into your life that pulls your attention to happiness goals, friendships, and networking. A romantic revelation is possible around the same time. If you find yourself competing with someone over whose needs and desires should be paramount, try to pull yourself out of the game which is likely to end up going nowhere.

If you need to cut out a bad habit or tie up a loose end, March is strong for doing so. The goal should be self-empowerment now. Efforts to cut back or rebuild can be especially fruitful. Obstacles can be overcome more easily with determination. For some, a relationship can reach a new level of intimacy.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope Summary for March There can be a strong focus on networking, friendships, learning, sharing ideas, publishing, and venturing out beyond your usual bounds in March, dear Cancer. March is strong for editing and revising, returning to old interests and studies, work on projects you aim to publish, creative works, and social relationships, including friendships and partnerships. You may be revisiting old relationships, perhaps only in your head, and ideally learning from past regrets. However, to make them work this time around, you need to approach them in new ways.

Uranus heads into your social sector for the long haul on the 6th. While you had a taste of this energy for a few months last year, this transit is now consistent and will last for another seven years. As you seek more authenticity in your friendships, you may go through some social ups and downs.

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Uranus here can also shake up the way you see your place in the community. Friendships and group associations can be unpredictable and unusual, but also inspiring and exciting. Your social life is bound to be very colorful now and in coming years. Changes in your career direction, intimate experience, or with finances may bring new or different friends and groups into your life.

There can be excitement, change, and possibly some romance involved. March calls on you to be a little more experimental, spontaneous, and adventurous than usual. Travel or educational plans have a better chance of coming together after the 28th. You can feel especially motivated to pursue a learning endeavor or further a mental interest, and nothing stops you from applying yourself to a work-in-progress.

Conversations with a partner or special friend can be super helpful and encouraging. This is a good time for working on projects you want to publish, or for expanding your understanding of a subject. You seem to attract others through your words and ideas this month. Regarding relationships, there are chances to improve a bond or revive intense feelings.

Working with a partner towards a common goal may be part of the picture now, or teaming up with a friend can take you somewhere you want to go faster or more successfully. You might decide to take charge of a long-standing problem once and for all, possessing the determination to put it behind you now. Others can be the source of useful resources or advice. Look for allies!

Accepting people, projects, and circumstances as they are, and then working with what you have, is the key to success now. There is beauty in seeing people this way, as this reduces pressure and puts everyone at ease. A Full Moon occurs on the same day that the Sun enters your solar tenth house, and challenging family or home life issues could emerge.

Whatever surfaces now is in full view, and this helps get the process of working things through started. You recognize your needs for security, comfort, and nurture, and it becomes clear that you should strive towards balancing these things with your worldly goals, which are coming into stronger focus.

With Venus in your intimacy sector clashing with Mars in your friendship sector at the same time, there can be inner conflicts to deal with or clashes with someone in your life. Someone may be giving too much and getting too little in return. If you need to get things out of your system, you might find you have the courage to do so now. On the 26th, Venus moves into the light and in harmony with your sign, and then two days later, Mercury turns direct. As a result, there can be some nice wins in the last week of March that put you in a very optimistic mood. You are tuned in to the deeper issues and looking beyond the surface of matters for answers with an emphasis on house eight of your solar chart.

You are encouraged to slow down and possibly back up in some areas of life this month with Mercury retrograde from the Your professional life or your reputation can begin to take an unexpected direction or turn with Uranus now a long-term guest in your solar tenth house. New challenges present themselves, stimulating more than uprooting you most of the time! March is a great month for researching, editing, or otherwise going over business, health, and financial matters.

Financial support matters may need sorting. The trick now is to avoid pushing things that need some extra time and space. Brand-new endeavors may not get off the ground, but work in progress can benefit significantly from your attention now. Enthusiasm stirred up in the last week of February can take you far. You may be seeking to feel more alive, vital, and vibrant through other people or through relationships. Others can inspire you to get moving. Steady energy helps you get things done. This is particularly the case for partnerships of all kinds, but February can also jumpstart a more casual relationship.

As the month progresses, a more insular, emotional, and comfortable theme emerges. The New Moon on the 4th can serve to wipe the slate clean or invigorate matters related to creativity, hobbies, children, leisure time, or romance.

#LEO - July-December 2019 - 6-month Love & Relationship Message

Enjoying yourself and celebrating may be in order now. An introspective turn emerges slowly but surely as the month advances, starting with Venus, your ruler, heading into your home and family sector on the 3rd. This is the first and perhaps the strongest hint that you need some personal time.

This can be a time of taking care of little problems and making sure your routines work for you, not against you. From the 14th, Mars heads into your intimacy sector, pulling you into your own head or more deeply into a relationship or special project. On the 19th, the Sun joins Mercury in your solar sixth house, further emphasizing your routines, habits, work, and health.

All of these influences combined point to a quiet but practical and productive second half of the month. Uranus is spending its last full month in your partnership sector. On February , Mars joins Uranus, pointing to some fireworks. This is a powerful period for taking care of last-minute details, although we can be a little rash at this time.

You might awaken to a plan, mission, or increased bravery for handling a problem once and for all. New developments in a relationship can demand new approaches. Mars then moves on—into your intimacy sector and animating your private life from February 14th until the end of March. While exciting on many levels, this is not the most comfortable place for Mars, and it can sometimes feel difficult to assert yourself directly or straightforwardly during this cycle. It is useful, however, for digging things up and stirring up passions and desires you may have ignored or buried.

You may have been feeling emotionally stuck, between a rock and a hard place, and this leads to an epiphany about your true feelings on a matter. The last days of the month find you a little bolder and more confident. You may very well solve a mystery that has baffled you for some time. February Monthly Horoscope Summary: February begins with much attention to your personal needs and domestic world, dear Scorpio, and becomes increasingly more interactive, sociable, and creative as it goes along.

All major bodies are moving in direct motion no retrogrades! The New Moon on the 4th occurs at the bottom of your solar chart, and it prompts the need or desire for a new beginning related to your living conditions or arrangements, home matters, your domestic or personal life, sense of security or safety, and family. There is almost always a serious note to these things these days with both Saturn and Pluto long-term guests in this area of your solar chart. With Venus now visiting here, things lighten up a little.

Softening your communications works beautifully in your favor during this transit.

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  6. Projects are enjoyable and connections made feel especially good. You can produce some wonderful writing now, or you may enjoy some especially fun projects, hobbies, and pastimes. The power of your words is evident now, bringing new opportunities into your life, and word of mouth works well for you, too. Guiding and teaching are also favored now. Romantic declarations may be made. Uranus is getting ready to move into your partnership sector and is now on its final stretch in its transit of your work and health sector, meeting up with Mars on the , which stirs the pot.

    This is a time for taking action to improve your work or habits. You can be quite pumped up to make essential changes to your usual routines. Work and daily habits require an innovative approach or new direction. You should probably watch for impulsiveness or flaring tempers, but do use this spark of energy to correct conditions that are holding you back from good health and habits, and from more fully enjoying your daily life.

    Mars moves into your partnership sector on the 14th and heats up your relationships until the end of March.

    The Full Moon on the 19th can open your eyes or perhaps more aptly, your heart to a need for friendship, a feeling of belonging to something bigger than yourself, a satisfying social life, or a desire to contribute. You may have been feeling stuck with your current pursuits or awash with things to do, and this frustration leads to an epiphany about your true feelings on a matter.

    Expect a rush of emotions and perhaps surprising epiphanies as you awaken to needs you may have been keeping at bay. The last week of February brings on a bit more daring and spontaneous energy, and it looks good on you! You are enthusiastic and ready to make changes. There can be nice developments in the areas of creativity, romance, or hobbies. You might make connections that advance your personal interests, and especially the more heartfelt pursuits. February is also strong for money matters and special attention to home and family.

    As the month advances, a quieter, more practical theme emerges, starting with Venus transiting your resources sector from the 3rd forward, lasting until the first of next month. This is an excellent time for building upon recent exciting ideas or projects already in place.

    Mercury transits your solar fourth house from the 10th forward, and you begin seeking out special moments or patches of rest or relaxation—a break from overthinking and overdoing. You prefer a slower pace now. Sometimes this transit correlates with a busy home life or lots of discussions with family and loved ones.

    There is a lot of attention to making your life more comfortable and secure. Mercury and Venus complement one another well and are in agreement — you benefit from slowing down and pay more attention to your comfort levels. In the meantime, Uranus is on the final stretch of its transit through your romance and pleasure sector.

    You may have been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride in these areas for years, and now Uranus is set to leave this sector for good, not before going out with a bang as it meets up with Mars on the this month! This is a time of strong motivation to express yourself in unique ways. There may be a sudden attraction or romantic connection now, or a final move or decision that pushes a matter forward—perhaps a make-or-break situation.

    Be careful not to become over-confident when it comes to taking risks now. For best results now, aim to act from the heart rather than merely react or respond to changing circumstances. Rebelliousness is not likely to serve you well, but making courageous changes may very well work out to your advantage. On February 14th, Mars moves into your work and health sector and will stick around here, firing up your desire to excel with your work, chores, routines, and health pursuits until the end of March.


    By the 19th, all inner planets are in background areas of your solar chart, and the second half of February is shaping up to be quiet but productive. Even so, the Full Moon on the 19th points to an epiphany or turning point regarding a career, family, or home matter. This can push you into the spotlight or out of your comfort zone for a couple of days, attending to your responsibilities to the outside world.

    The last week and especially the last few days of February are especially productive. You might decide to rearrange your living setup or reorganize your work or work environment. You are inclined to strike out on your own, and it can feel good to do so, even if you are generally keeping a low profile at this time.

    Working from or on the home can be especially fruitful. Venus moving into your sign on the 3rd is especially pleasant since it frames you well, boosts your popularity, and improves your self-image. The New Moon on the 4th is great for a new enterprise, special launches, and new beginnings. You may be starting fresh with a money, resources, or self-esteem matter since this New Moon occurs in your solar second house. First, Venus transits your sign from the 3rd forward, boosting your appeal, sense of humor, and appetite for fun and pleasure.

    People see you in a kinder light, in general, and more importantly, you feel good about yourself, more so than usual. Venus is your career sector ruler, suggesting that career and reputation matters are working in your favor now as well. You have long-term guests Saturn and Pluto, both of whom have a reputation for improving your life but also for some heaviness and intensity, in your sign, making light-hearted, breezy, and pleasant Venus in Capricorn a breath of fresh air.

    You deserve this! You might be doing more reading, studying, teaching or guiding, thinking, and speaking. Mars moves into a creative sector of your chart on the 14th, and then the Sun joins Mercury in your communications house from the 19th, at which point all inner planets are allies. Certainly, the second half of February is playing in your favor.

    Mars and Uranus align in your home and family sector on the , and this potent combination occurs shortly before Uranus leaves this sector of your solar chart for good. Actions taken now may help settle your domestic life.

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    Be cautious about making massive changes if desires come on suspiciously quickly, but keep yourself open to new methods and directions for handling old problems. Mars moves into harmony with your sign from the 14th, heating up your desires and animating your romantic life or creative world until the end of March. This is a wonderful boost. Relationships are passionate now. The Full Moon on the 19th can open your eyes to matters related to education, travel, legal, or publishing and promotion.