Second wife in astrology

Retrograde planets in 7th and 2nd house. Placement of 7th lord in Gadant or in Mrityu bhaga. Sun afflicting the seventh house or Leo sign.


Debilitated and retrograde Venus, Jupiter and seventh lord. Malefic influence on 7th, 7th lord from Ascendant, moon or Venus. Moon, Venus conjunction or opposition. An aspect of Saturn on Venus.

Second marriage (2nd Marrigae ) in Astrology

I have found this situation too effective for delayed marriages. Ascendant stronger than the seventh house and seventh house in Pap-kartari yoga.

Is there a 2nd marriage in your life?

Ascendant in last 05 or first 05 degrees. Afflicted Venus in Navamsa chart. Malefic influence on 2nd house, 8th house, and 12th house from Ascendant. Saturn Jupiter conjunction or aspect also responsible for delays. Affliction to darakarak or darakaraka navamsa. Placement of Jaimini Gyatikaraka in the seventh house. Mars is the energy the nutrient and the man in the horoscope of a woman, without permission of the mars no woman can even think to get conceived and the same mars is responsible for the men in her life who became her source of confidence and pleasure.

All the joy received by the woman by men is because of the mars. Venus is the girlfriend and wife both for a male. But the situation is totally different in the case of a woman. Mercury is the male friend of a pretty girl whom she shares all his pain sorrows and happiness but he is merely a friend and he never got a chance to propose her, not boyfriend because he has not the guts and sexuality like mars and nor he is responsible like Jupiter.

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And that is why the quality of a husband is found in Jupiter, mature and responsible. Jupiter has the virtue of responsibility and care.

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So only because of Jupiter the marriage sustains not because of mars. The mars in the horoscope of a girl predict everything about qualities of her boyfriend. A good astrologer after going through merely the birth chart can trace his boyfriend from a crowd of men. The sign and house of mars tell the properties and characteristics of the boyfriend.

Many times a suave girl is seen engaged with a bad boy.

This is only because of placement of mars in any sign or house. This is predestined in the horoscope of a girl that what kind of boy would be her boyfriend a suave guy or ultramodern playboy type. Mainly the zodiacs sign matters. For Man, Venus indicates wife and Jupiter indicates the husband for a woman. It is very important to check the chance for divorce. Any affliction to the above-said matters shows the challenges in marriage, but always not a divorce.

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Case Study. Here is his chart we can see the seventh house of marriage has a negative planet Saturn. Saturn in the seventh house is not seen as a great placement, but Saturn is in the Mool trikon sign, which is known as the most fortunate place for this planet. Moreover, Jupiter is aspecting the seventh house from the eleventh house, which is giving a lot of support. Sanjay Dutt. In this chart, there is a very flexible planet Moon and it is in an even sign.

Moon is in a dosha called Kema Druma as well. It is aspected by another evil planet Rahu. We all know that in his biopic he confessed he has girlfriends.

Astrological Insights For Second Marriage

We all know Ms Taylor had seven marriages. Here the 7 th house is ruled by Venus and it is in a dual sign conjunct with Rahu. The sign which Venus and Rahu are placed is Sagittarius.

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Finding the scope of second marriage is very complex. So, a close watch is very much required. Login Sign Up. Ask Question. How Second Marriage is Seen in Astrology.