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I would relate this to the need to express and release these emotions possibly by speaking with others or expressing yourself in some way. I hope this was helpful for you!

Love the way you take each context of water and break it down. I too had a strange dream last night, the reason why I read your article. But, the context is different. I dreamed of being in my basement, but it was huge and I shared it with a neighbour that I had never seen. I was freaking, all I could think was I have to pump all this extra water, I have too much groundwater coming in! My neighbour on the other hand had some experts who were telling him that they would pump out the extra groundwater and no more water would come into his basement.

I asked them to help me and they said, well, as your neighbour. I asked the neighbour, but he seemed to preoccupied to help me. They started pumping out the extra water and his overflowing stopped, mine continued. Very vivid dream. I knew none of the people in my dream. Thank you so much for commenting and taking the time to read my hub.

Your dream sounds interesting. Do you think it reflects how you feel about your emotions or the emotional situations you face? Crazy little tidal waves would make me feel like I am on wild ride but still able to handle it all. Have a good one! I have tidal wave dreams once in a while Have a great weekend! Thank you for sharing your dream and taking the time to comment. Water is certainly associated with so much for people including life and pregnancy.

Your particular dream would be an anxiety dream for me because being in the ocean without land in sight would certainly be scary and would give me the sense that I have reached the point of no return. For you, it seems like this dream communicated for you that you were pregnant. I wonder how you were feeling about this and if you felt nervous at all and had feelings associated with how you would likely feel in the setting of your dream in waking life.

Interesting dream! Thank you again for sharing. Once i dreamed that i was in the middle of an ocean, with no land in sight. Learnt that i was pregnant with my First child. Thank you for sharing your dream experiences with me. Water dreams can be so powerful.

In your particular case, it seems like these water dreams reflect something spiritual for you. Your dreams sound beautiful and energizing.

Some Problematic Dreams or Inauspicious Dreams:

If these were my dreams, I would take note of the body of water I encounter. An ocean would show me how expansive and infinite the universe and God truly are. For the most part of my dreaming life, i dream of water a lot. Always tranquil and serene, i dream of wading in clean clear water that is always still. I have always found the need to know what it always means - these water dreams, and as i always have clear recollections of dreams, i always yearn for interpretations.

I have become your follower now. Im glad to find a hubber whose articles will help me have a better understanding of my numerous dreams. I am known as a dreamer and always try to understand each dream the best way i can. One thing that's certain is that when i awake from my water dreams, i feel engulfed in total peace. Thank you for sharing your dream. This dream of the ocean sounds like you are not in touch with unconscious emotions that need your attention. It would sound like emotional turmoil.

My suggestion would be to find a way to "get wet" in these dreams so that you can begin to get more in touch with this part of yourself and shed some light onto its meaning and what needs your attention. Hi ive had the same sort of dream a few times but its not consistent im standing watching the ocean but its always rough and dark around me and some times im on a boat or just standing on the shore observing, a couple of times ive been standing there watchibg the break wall were waves crash right in front of me and i just stand and watch im confused on what it might be,.

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Your dreams of water in a negative way sounds like they could relate to negative emotions. The water leaking through pipes would relate to the emotions that spill over. I would wonder if the pipes aren't your wind pipe expressing emotions you are trying not to. The snow and ice would relate to emotions you suppressed and are frozen. I have had dreams of water for the last five nights, always in a negative manner.

Excessive water leaking thru my homes pipes. Always with a lot of people standing around just watching my distress. Dreaming of those who have passed could mean many things. You may want to click on my profile my name and find the hub about dreaming of messages from the dead. Here, the lack or river sounds like it has a more spiritual reference for you.

Do you feel blocked spiritually in some way and not able to fully engage in a remembrance and honoring of your friend? Also since you feel you cannot enjoy the water, it is possible you are struggling with confronting some intense feelings. If you do not connect with your friend, you may be dreaming of the distance you may feel now that she has passed. I keep having dreams of my best friend who passed a year and a half ago. Each dream is similar as her and I are going with a group of people to party at the lake or river. Sometimes we are going to go floating or watch an event.

I can never get in to water to enjoy the fun, I see her but never get to hang out. Dreaming that someone is dead when there are alive can show a disconnect with that person or an aspect of self you associate with that person. Something would need more of your attention. The pool of water can be your unconscious emotions.

The fish and the lobster could be what you are aware of. I would associate pain with the lobster. The dog delivering a small puppy would relate to hope and the potential for personal growth. Hmmm interesting but how come whenever i dreamed of water, i always got more money coming in? Very thorough and insightful. I have water dreams a lot and explaining the different types helps shed light on how to interpret. Hope to see more of your dream hubs!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my hub and comment. I am too embarrassed to admit how long it too me to write this hub. Water really is everywhere! You really covered all the bases for different ways water is involved in our lives. It makes one stop and think. We take water for granted. It's a major influence in our lives and we couldn't life without it. With that said, I have suddenly realized that I don't quite remember having had any dreams about water.

But now that I read your Hub, I plan to try to watch for it, as it may be interesting to see how it may relate to what's going on for me in my life or in my present state of mind. As you explained, it could be very 'telling' to get a better understanding of our emotions. Excellent article about the different forms of water and how they can be related to our dreams. If I were to dream subconsciously about a particular body of water it would definitely have to be an ocean.

Because I often relate oceans to making me feel more relaxed deep down inside, but at the same time in full control of my environment, or other things around me. I guess you could say a sense of power. Never remember half of my dreams but you can be sure of one thing, after reading your article, I will no doubt start having dreams about water-maybe even a wet dream or two-who knows? Then again that could be a good thing in a way. Awesome and interesting article which I also voted up.


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Hopefully will see you at our next hubmeetup. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, exemplore. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Updated on June 6, Sue B. In general, water represents the unconscious, the place our minds go and the thoughts we have when we're not paying attention.

If you are underwater in your dream, this might indicate feeling drowned, overwhelmed, or swallowed up by unconscious thoughts, emotions, urges, or memories. In dreams, water is often associated with emotions and their expression. The surface of the water represents the dividing line between the consciousness and the unconscious.

The type, shape, motion, and other characteristics of the dreamed water express the dreamer's conscious or unconscious emotions. Water can also represent maternity, t hose primal feelings associated with our mothers or our desire to become a mother. Finally, water can relate to spirituality and spiritual or religious beliefs. The depth of the water: Is it shallow or deep?

The quality of water: Is it transparent or opaque, warm or cold, peaceful or ominous? The motion of the water: is it still, rolling, flowing smoothly, or turbulent and choppy? The quantity of water: Is there a drought, or is there too much water flooding the dream? Dreaming of Oceans Oceans can represent the state of your emotions and limitlessness of the unconscious and spirit. Are you going with the flow or drifting aimlessly? Dreams of Waves, Tidal Waves, and Tsunamis As with most symbols, waves can have both negative and positive meanings. Riding a wave is a positive representation of effectively managing emotions and difficult challenges in life.

This may represent the dreamer's ability to go with the flow at times and act decisively and deliberately to work with circumstances at hand. This type of flexibility allows the dreamer to surpass obstacles and achieve goals. Tidal waves and tsunamis tend to relate to emotions that are overwhelming and threatening the dreamer. These emotions may relate to a real situation that is troubling the individual financial troubles, for example or the dreamer's perception of their place in life and negative anticipation of future events.

When emotions and issues are repressed and avoided, they push back until they are acknowledged by the dreamer. Problems often grow and become overwhelming when ignored for too long. Emotions represented within floods and waves are often layered. The wave may have begun with negative and dark emotions that were compounded with the dreamer's feelings about their feelings and the expression of these feelings.

This type of dream may indicate to the dreamer a need to address the anxiety and fears associated with addressing the deeper emotions that have been avoided over time. River Dreams Similar to roads, rivers often represent your life's journey and your emotional, psychological, and spiritual state that is either supporting your journey or hindering your progress. Are you going with the flow and trusting nature or a higher power to influence the direction of your life, or are you being passive and directionless? Raging or muddy rivers often reflect emotional turmoil.

How Do I Interpret My Dream About Water?

Clear and calm rivers often reflect inner peace, balance, and harmony, a person who is not over-controlling or under-controlling, and positive feelings of joy and happiness in general. Crossing a river may represent overcoming an obstacle or moving from one stage to another. Dreams of Waterfalls Waterfalls often relate to a great release of emotion, rejuvenation, and renewal of spirit.

Waterfalls can also have sexual connotations. Dreams of Pools Pools often relate to relaxation and enjoyment associated with summer, spending time with family or friends, and vacation, but they can also have deeper meanings. Since they are manmade, they can represent the compartment we have built to hold our emotions.

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Seeing a pool may represent your need to get in touch with and gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of these feelings. An empty pool may represent feeling numb, drained, and without emotions. Although not always, many individuals with substance abuse issues report dreaming of empty pools. Perhaps escaping emotions and coming down from a high leave the dreamer feeling empty and void of all emotion. The Index Finger on your Left Hand represents your confidence and, the Index finger on your right hand is associated with Leadership.

If you are bitten on your Left-hand Index Finger, then it means that somebody is trying to shatter your self-confidence. It can also say that you are underestimating yourself, which is lowering your confidence. Sometimes the snake may bite you in your dream but, you felt no pain, you either felt neutral or felt a very little pain. It can also symbolize that you were in a problematic life situation, which is now solved. This means that something in your life was going to create a problem in your coming future but was resolved at the right time.

Dreams About Crows – Meaning and Interpretation

It may have happened in your dream that the snake bites you and then die or disappear, that snake represents the harm that somebody poisonous in your life was trying to do to you. The death or disappearing of snake represents that their harm backfired them. It means that whatever harm they were trying to do to you has backfired and affected their selves. For example — If you are a businessman who is not giving time to her wife and family, then this bite is a serious wake-up call to provide them with your attention. It can also represent your enemy who will try to harm you and will be caught, i.

The snake may represent your problems, threats, and tension, and getting no wound means that you are not affected by them, which is a positive sign and also means Personal Growth. When a snake bites someone else in your dream, then it is a clear indication that the snake wants to get your attention for the person it bites. The snake may represent the harsh words you used during an argument which gave her the same pain as of a snake bite.

This dream can also describe that she is in a problem and needs your Help. It may also be a Pinch-Up Call to give attention to your mother as you may be trying to ignore her or you are so busy in your work that you are unintentionally neglecting her. It may represent that your Son is in a problem and needs your help, but is not asking you for help. It is a reminder to give your son some attention so that he becomes more comfortable with you and share his problem that may or may not leads him to a severe problem.

It may represent that somebody was trying to harm you but was not successful in doing so, so this time, they may try to hurt your Brother to take revenge from you. It can also symbolize that your brother is in a problem and needs your help. A Snake Biting your Sister in the dream can symbolize that someone is threatening her, and she needs your help. It can also mean that you are ignoring her or the advice which she gave you earlier.

They will try to harm you but at the same time will fake friendship with you. Remember that no one is a better expert at interpreting your dreams than yourself. To guide you with your dreams interpretations, we have interpreted over keywords and symbols and over 20, different meanings in our ever expanding dream dictionary. There is no "one dream interpretation fits all.

Every detail, even the most minute element in your dream is important and must be considered when analyzing your dreams. Each symbol represents a feeling, a mood, a memory or something from your unconscious.