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Defined by the Ascendant, the First House defines you. It represents the body you were born with, your physical appearance, and your general temperament. Natal planets that occupy the First House tend to have a very strong influence in that person's life for instance, Mercury in the First House is a sign of a chatterbox, while the moon in the First House reveals someone who wears emotions on their sleeve. Since this is the first stop in the cycle, when planets in the sky transit into this house, our goals are manifested, and new projects, ideas, or perspectives finally take form.

This House corresponds with Aries energy. The Second House is related to our personal finances, material possessions, and the concept of value. Natal planets in the Second House tend to seek security through their material world. Planets transiting the Second House reveal changes in resources or self-esteem. This House corresponds with Taurus energy. Communication, transportation, and local community are all governed by the third house.

Natal planets in the Third House are motivated by expression and often build close relationships with their peers, including siblings, coworkers, and classmates. When planets transit the Third House, we often receive important information about our immediate network. This House corresponds with Gemini energy. The Fourth House sits at the base of the chart and symbolizes home and family. Planets moving across the Fourth House often encourage us to invest in our infrastructure by creating more private, nurturing spaces within.

This House corresponds with Cancer energy. This playful zone of the fifth house is linked to creativity, romance, and children. Natal planets in the Fifth House are linked to your intrinsic artistic expression, while planets transiting the Fifth House often deliver eureka moments that boost our confidence. This House corresponds with Leo energy. The Sixth House corresponds with health, wellness, and daily routines, including odd jobs.

Those with natal planets in this zone are often fueled by organization and structure and tend to focus on time and calendar management. Planets transiting the Sixth House help us form habits and redefine our schedules. This House corresponds with Virgo energy. Up until now, all the Houses explore an individual's immediate world: Their money, home, and friends.

In the Seventh House, however, the concept of perspective is introduced. Planets moving through the Seventh House help us close deals, securing our bonds by signing contracts and making things official. This House corresponds with Libra energy. More frequently, this zone is the area of sex, death, and transformation. Those with natal planets in the Eighth House are often attracted to supernatural or occult topics, intense romances, and will likely regenerate often within their lifetime.

Zodiac Signs and Astrology Signs Meanings and Characteristics

This House corresponds with Scorpio energy. Travel, philosophy, and higher education all define the ninth house. In medieval astrology, this region was linked to places and people outside of your village. Now, we interpret this area as both literal and intellectual exploration. Those born with natal planets in the Ninth House are extremely curious and inquisitive, with deep-rooted wanderlust.

When planets move across the Ninth House we often begin studying a new topic, move to a foreign location, or adopt a completely different perspective. It gave all the highlights of my complete life. It was exciting to know that I have chances to go abroad.

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How to Buy? On your Email in 72 hrs. What is the benefit of buying from GaneshaSpeaks. What is Astrology? Will my personal information be kept confidential? You can be fiercely protective of your family too. You might attempt to rule the roost on the home front, or you often take on a leadership role at home and with family.

Improving or fixing up your home is something you enjoy. During your childhood, you were not an assertive person; however, your assertiveness definitely increases with age. Also, your mother was incredibly emotional and hot-tempered. This often caused a difficult relationship between you. Capricorn is related to career goals and social status. You could put this under a subheading called Career. You seek professional status and recognition. You want to see real results that others can point to as yours.


With your fine organizational skills and step-by-step approach to tasks, there are many careers that you are suited to. If you believe you are right, you will argue very hard for your point of view. You enjoy taking responsibility and being in a position of authority. You work hard to gain the approval of authority figures. Jupiter in 5th house — Love and Relationships. You could put this under a subheading called love and relationships. Within you there is a passion to express yourself and to make a contribution to society.

This is because you have an abundance of creative energy, likely to be in the form of artistic skills. You are generous, playful, and warm, particularly with children, and in your romantic life.

The Planets

Your sex drive is very powerful, and children may be conceived rather easily. You could put this under a subheading called Sex and Aggression. Deep down inside, there is a part of you that is kept secret; powerful emotions are kept under strict control, maybe even repressed. This may have caused you many problems in your life, as your true personality is unable to be totally revealed to others.

Love relationships can be a fine example of this; revealing your true feelings to your partners may be very difficult. On the more positive side, your powerful emotions give you much drive, determination, and endurance to achieve your goals. If someone has annoyed or upset you, there is often a nagging desire to get even with them.

You may have obsessive tendencies. Saturn in 4th house — Home Life and Childhood. You might remember your childhood as one that lacked warmth and affection. Much hardship has been experienced during your childhood upbringing, and your father may have appeared emotionally distant. Also you were probably allocated duties and responsibilities around the home. As an adult, you try to break free from the past and your family background, either physically or psychologically, or maybe both.

Once this is achieved, and you free yourself from your past memories, your personality is likely to bloom. Uranus in 5th house — Love and Relationships. Naturally creative and inventive, you love to do things differently from most people. Some of your hobbies are very unusual, which may seem weird to most people. Romantic involvement occurs in sudden and unconventional ways, and breaks are also sudden and unexpected. You are attracted to unusual, exciting, and creative partners.

As a teenager, you may have decided to date an older person. If you have children, it is likely you raised them differently than how you were raised. Any children you have are probably highly original and maybe even eccentric. Forms of creativity that require much discipline may be difficult for you; this is because you require the freedom to be inventive. For example, if you were leaning how to paint, it requires the practice of many techniques; this would be too tedious and boring for you. The creative talents could be in the form of computer skills, fixing cars, or using technology.

At some point in your life, you may be inclined to invest or gamble. Your approach is to buy and sell in a spontaneous manner, without thinking everything through. Therefore, you can be very risky and should approach investing or gambling with much caution. Pluto in 4th house — Home Life and Childhood. During your childhood you experienced a volcanic and isolated home life.

Tips for Entry of Birth Data:

Maybe your father was emotionally distant, and would explode in a rage when he got angry. Whatever the case, intense and shocking events in your childhood may still live in your memory. Your mother was very protective of you, shielding you from any negative experiences. However, this does not protect you in the long run, as you grow up insecure and fearing change.

This step shows you the outcome of step 3. As you can see the individual interpretations have been organised into subheadings. This method not only makes it easier for a person to read, it can also help you analyse someones personality in detail. Home life and Childhood. Look at the chart in step 1. What are the important astrology birth chart interpretation features? Nearly all the celestial bodies fall within the lower part of the chart. Usually this is a good indication that the person is more introverted then extrovert. By now you should have interpreted all your celestial positions.

Then categorized them under certain sub headings. It may of taken you along time. You have almost created the perfect astrology birth chart interpretation. Look back at your individual interpretations of the sun, moon and planets or on the free computerized astrology report generator. You will probably notice some contradictions and repetitions between them. It is the skill of an astrologer to assess the overall meaning of a chart, and decide what statements are true.

This step involves modifying some of your statements so that the astrology reading makes sense, and flows.

Some astrologers use astrological jargon in their readings such as sun in house 8 means your this, your ascendant is this, etc. Below is an example of how I would edit the interpretations in step 4.

What Is An Astrology Birth Chart? Your Natal Chart Explained

I will also consider the overall chart features seen in step 5. This is probably because your parents had many problems of their own, and expected you to be supportive of them this paragraph could be moved to the home life and childhood subheading. An ideal partner these words are repeated above. Therefore it should be deleted and modified for you will need to be rather communicative and intellectually stimulating.

Your sex drive is very powerful, and children may be conceived rather easily this sentence could be moved to the sex and aggression subheading. Also, your mother was incredibly emotional and hot-tempered this paragraph could be moved a few paragraphs above, as the mother is also mentioned there. Within you there is deeply buried anger this sentence could be moved to the sex and aggression subheading. It is possible you may choose not to marry this sentence could be moved to the love and relationships subheading. This paragraph could be grouped with the other paragraphs that mention the mother above.

Your interpretation in step 6 should be rather good by now. However, we can choose to improve this accuracy further by applying the most important chart aspects. For those of you that do not know, chart aspects are sensitive angles in a chart between celestial bodies such as the Sun, Moon and Planets. Aspects can help you have extra confidence in interpretations you were not sure of in step 6. Or it could highlight extra importance of certain interpretations that require more emphasis.

I like to make life simple, which is why I only consider the Conjunction, Trine and Square aspects. Below I have analysed my most important aspects. Although my chart has many aspects, I only consider ones within a certain amount of degrees as the most important. I ignore aspects that fall outside my degree limits. Conjunctions are when the Sun, moon or planets are next to each other in the chart. I only take into account conjunctions that are within 1 degree.

Below are the conjunctions that are within a 1 degree orb, for my chart in step 1 :. Therefore those paragraphs can be edited slightly to also include parts of the paragraph below:. You have strong emotions and feelings which influence your decisions. Once your anger has been aroused, you can display intense and frightening emotions. You are overly sensitive to the comments from others; your emotional anxiety can create a mental state where you imagine that others criticize or plot against you.

Because you are so passionate, you have much energy at your disposal, you may try hard to prove yourself to others. You can be very blunt and straightforward with people; others may not consider you very sympathetic. You are a very sexual person. Trines are when the Sun, moon or planets share the same element such as earth, air, fire or water. This means they will be degrees apart in the chart. I only take into account trines that are within 2 degrees. Below are the conjunctions that are within a 2 degree orb, for my chart in step 1 :.

Therefore those paragraphs can be edited slightly to also include parts of the paragraph below. Sun Trine Pluto also reinforces the need for personal transformation and growth. And to help people on a spiritual or psychological level. You have a distinct intensity about you. Throughout your life, you undergo many periods of self-transformation; this is because of your ability to intensely self-analyze yourself. You have tremendous self-awareness.

You are determined to uncover the truth, and may be obsessed to prove that something is wrong, and that things are not as they appear. You are very charismatic, and have the ability to make people do things for you without them being aware of it. You are probably not scared of many things in your life. You enjoy and embrace growth, especially of the psychological kind. You love a good mystery, and are very good at solving them.

Within you may be inner emotional tension; however, this is very under control. You possess tremendous power and strength. When you learn to make use of it, you can be one of the most effective, insightful, helpful persons around! You are usually quick to help others, not only with everyday tasks, but also on a spiritual or psychological level. Your insight is sharp and sometimes inspiring to others. You are a highly perceptive individual that is not easily upset or surprised in life.

At times, you can be intensely dissatisfied with your personal accomplishments and expressions of self.

You put a lot of pressure on yourself regarding your own accomplishments. There may be times in your life where you find it hard to express yourself; this causes you to hide your true personality from others. In fact, it is actually possible for a person to know you for years without ever truly seeing who you really are as a person, as you may choose not to reveal the real you.

Squares are when the Sun, moon or planets share elements that are not compatible. This means they will be 90 degrees apart in the chart. I only take into account squares that are within 2 degrees. The description below offer something new, not mentioned in step 6. Description of Moon Square Mercury You are indecisive, spending much time weighing the pros and cons. This is because your feelings and thoughts are at odds.